Exam Registration Procedures 如何註冊考試

Exam Registration Procedures 如何註冊考試2023-01-13T01:49:58+00:00

Looking for a test to assess the English language skills for your children? 正在尋找評估英語語言技能的測試?

If you plan to improve your  English level step by step, the Cambridge English exams are the best choice for you. We provide Cambridge exams based on your requirements, including: 如果您已經在學習英語,而您打算逐步提高您的英語水平,劍橋考試將是您的最佳選擇

1.Young Learners English (YLE) program 劍橋英語基礎考試

Cambridge Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers

2.Cambridge Exams for Adults 劍橋國際英語認證

a. A2 KET for Schools, B1 PET for Schools & B2 FCE for Schools

b. Cambridge English: A2 KEY for Schools, B1 PET for schools, B2 FCE for Schools

c. Cambridge English: C1 CAE

d. Cambridge Teaching Qualification: Teaching Knowledge Tst (TKT)

Register with us for the Cambridge English Exam

Once you are ready to take your exams, you may fill up the Cambridge English exam registration form. After completing the form, you will receive the a confirmation email.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced English learner, the Cambridge English exam is a popular choice for learners who want to be certified for their  English language abilities. Fill up the Cambridge English exam registration form if you are ready to kickstart your journey today!

On this page, you can find information about how to register for the exams. For exam dates, venues and fees, Please refer to GPEX HK Exam Dates & Fees



在此頁面上,您可以找到有關如何註冊考試的信息。有關考試時間表,地點和費用請參閱 GPEX HK考試日期和費用

  1. Pay the exam fee and take a screenshot of the transaction or copy of the bank-in slip. 進行付款,截圖交易的屏幕銀行存款單的副本
  2. Fill out the exam registration form and upload the payment proof.  填寫報名表及提交付款證明 。
  3. You will receive a confirmation email after submitting the form. 提交表格後,您將收到確認電郵。
  4. You will receive the Confirmation of Entry through email 7-10 working days before the exam.

Fill out the registration form here  填寫報名表

1. You can pay by the following methods: 您可以通過以下方式付款:

You must write the 14-digit reference number in the beginning of the field “Message to Beneficiary” when making the payment or we may not be able to track your payment and can’t release the Confirmation of Entry. The format of the reference number is the phone number+exam date(ddmmyy) when you registered for the exam. For example, 52812392050821 (52812382 is the phone number, 050821 is the exam date).
付款時, 您必須在”給收款人信息”內的開首位置填上14位的『參考編號』,否則我們可能無法追踪您的付款以及無法發送准考證。『參考編號』格式為報名的電話號碼+考試日期(ddmmyy)。 例如,52812392050821 (52812382是電話號碼,050821是考試日期)。

1. PayMe from HSBC

2. Bank-in 銀行轉帳

3. Credit Card 信用卡

4. Cheque 支票

5. WeChat Pay (Mainland)*
微信錢包 (內地)* 

*1HKD to 1RMB

The consumption vouchers cannot be used (不能使用消費券)

WhatsApp Image 2023 01 12 at 3.40.13 PM

Banks Name 銀行名稱:
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited香港滙豐銀行

Name of Account 帳戶名稱:
GPEX Central HK Limited

Account Number 帳號:

FPS phone number: 52812392轉數快電話號碼:52812392The

Banks Name 銀行名稱:
China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Ltd

Name of Account 帳戶名稱:
GPEX Central HK Limited

Account Number 帳號:

The transaction is considered successful only when the payment is shown and confirmed on our end. Otherwise, we will contact you by phone.銀行轉賬以本公司成功收到轉賬款項為準。如沒有收到款項,我們將電話通知。

There is a transaction fee of 5% if you pay by credit card. 
如果您選擇使用信用卡付款,則需要支付5%的交易費。Click here to pay by card.
Write a cheque payable to GPEX Central HK Limited. Write the candidate’s full name and application number on the back of the cheque. 填寫支票,抬頭GPEX Central HK Limited 。 在支票背面寫上考生的全名和申請號

Post or submit in person the cheque to Unit 1308, Peninsula Tower, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong (ATTN: GPEX HK Exam Dept.) 將支票郵寄或親自遞交至香港九龍青山道538號半島大廈1308室(GPEX HK考試部收)。

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-06 at 17.03.22

2. If you pay by methods 1-5, submit the screenshot of the transaction or copy of the bank-in slip in the registration form . You will receive an auto-reply confirming your payment. 如果您使用方法1-5進行付款,在報考表中提交交易的屏幕截圖銀行存款單的副本。您將收到確認付款的自動回覆。

Exam Fees

Exam Exam fees for exams from 1/10/2022
Pre A1 Starters HK$945
Pre A1 Starters考試+考前影片精華班組合 HK$1149
A1 Movers HK$945
A2 Flyers HK$945
A2 Key (for Schools) HK$1575
B1 Preliminary (for Schools) HK$1575
B2 First (for Schools) HK$2415
C1 Advanced HK$2415
TKT Module*1 HK$1450 per module
TKT Modules*4 HK$1250 per module
TKT Modules*5 HK$1100 per module

習者的最佳選擇。 如果您考慮及準備好報考劍橋英語考試,請填劍橋英語考試報名表吧!

Remarks 備註

  1. GPEX HK reserves the right to change the exam venue due to unforeseen reasons without giving any explanations. Candidates will be notified if there are any changes. GPEX HK保留更改考試地點的權利而不給予任何解釋。如果有任何變更,將通知考生。
  2. For the exam modes, ‘PB’ refers to paper-based exam while ‘CB’ refers to computer-based exam. 考試模式中,“PB”指的是紙筆考試,而“CB”指的是電腦考試。
  1. There is a minimum number of candidates for each exam. The exam will not take place unless the requirement is reached. Candidates will be notified if there are any changes. 每次考試都有最低人數要求。除非達到要求,否則不會進行考試。如果有任何變更,將通知考生。
  2. For bad weather arrangements, please refer to GPEX HK Bad Weather Arrangement for Cambridge English Examinations. 有關惡劣天氣的安排,請參閱 GPEX HK劍橋英語考試的惡劣天氣安排
  3. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at +852 52812392 or infohk@gpexcentral.org 如果您有任何疑問,請致電+852 52812392或發送電子郵件至infohk@gpexcentral.org與我們聯繫。

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