GPEX Hong Kong: Test Your English 測試你的英語水平

GPEX Hong Kong: Test Your English 測試你的英語水平2021-11-15T03:16:33+00:00

Why You Should Take the Cambridge English Exam With Us?

If you are looking to take a Cambridge English Exam, then you’re at the right place.

Cambridge English Exam is an internationally recognised exam. Whether you are going to study or work abroad, the Cambridge English exam is probably the best choice to prove your English proficiency level. It’s the most valuable English exam and widely accepted by the world, including educational institutions, organizations, and governments worldwide.

There is a series of tests designed specially for children, young people and adults. The Cambridge English Exam is used as a reliable indicator of your English language ability. It examines your listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities. Taking the Cambridge English Exam with GPEX is an excellent stepping stone for you to master your English language!

Start the free English online test now. There are a total 25 questions in this placement test.

通過 GPEX 參加劍橋英語考試是您掌握英語語言的絕佳渠道

劍橋英語考試是國際公認的考試和測試之一,也是世界各地的許多教育機構、組織和政府都信任並接受的英語考試。劍橋英語考試是全球標準化的,它测试您的耹聽、閱讀、寫作和說話。無論您是出國留學還是工作,劍橋英語考試可成為證明您英語水平的最佳選擇,同 時,也被公認為全球最具價值的英語水平考試。

開始你的英語在線測試,本次免費測試共有 25 道題。

Find Out Your Level of English Now

Not sure about your English level? Take a few minutes to complete our free English online test below to  assess  your level of English today!

Take your time to complete the English online test, get to know your English language proficiency level through this English level test!

The English level test result will be sent to the email address that you provided.



通過免費的英語水平測試 不但可幫助您了解自己的真實英語水平 並找出目前最適合您的劍橋英語考試。


    There are total 25 questions in this placement test.

    Part 1

    1. Could you tell me your surname?
    Would you like me to spell it?Do you like my family name?How do I say that?

    2. This plant looks dead.
    It's in the garden.It only needs some water.It's sleeping.

    3. I hope it doesn't rain.
    Of course not.Will it be wet?So do I.

    4. Are you going to come inside soon?
    For ever.Not long.In a minute.

    5. Who gave you this book, Lucy?
    I bought it.For my birthday.My uncle was.

    Part 2

    6. Shall we go out for pizza tonight?
    I know that.It's very good.I'm too tired.

    7. Do you mind if I come too?
    That's fine!I'd like to.I don't know if I can.

    8. There's someone at the door.
    Can I help you?Well, go and answer it then.He's busy at the moment.

    9. How much butter do I need for this cake?
    I'd like one.I'll use some.I'm not sure.

    10. How long are you here for?
    Since last week.Ten days ago.Till tomorrow.

    Part 3

    11. Have you guys had enough to eat?
    That's all right.Is there any more rice?It's not the right time.

    12. That's my coat over there.
    Will you take it off?No, you haven't!Here you are.

    13. Let's go by bus.
    The train was expensive.We'll buy a ticket.It'll take too long.

    14. Do you know my brother Charlie?
    Sorry, he's not here.I don't think I do.I know.

    15. Would you like some ice in your drink or not?
    I hope so.Yes, I shall.I don't mind.

    Part 4

    16. I hope I haven't ...... you any trouble by changing the arrangements.

    17. The floor is wet: don't run or you might ...... !

    18. When you come to my house, ...... your camera with you.

    19. Paul arrived at the shop ....... as the manager was closing for the day.

    20. I would ...... to stay at home and relax for a change.

    Part 5

    21. Is there ...... of food for everyone?

    22. Lily says she's happy at school but she's ...... complaining.

    23. ...... the step when you go in.

    24. ...... stay the night if it's too difficult to get home.
    At all costsBy all meansIn allOn the whole

    25. No ...... Hannah is happy when you think how many prizes she has won recently.

    The answer key and analysis will be sent to your email. If you cannot receive it, please check the junk mail box as well.