Becoming our Registered Preparation Centre

Becoming our Registered Preparation Centre2021-10-22T10:26:50+00:00

When you become our Registered Preparation Centre, you have our support. Be it in preparing your candidates, explaining the results, getting teacher support material, or helping you stay up to date with available resources.

Plus, it’s completely free.


The benefits that you get when you are registered as our preparation centres are access to the Preparation Centre portal to view candidates’ results, a wide range of teacher support materials, seminars and events, our Preparation Centre Handbook containing useful resources, and Preparation Centre Logo and Certificate*.

*subject to criteria


The process of registering your preparation centre with us begins with filling out our Preparation Centre Application form (click here). After you’ve submitted the form, your application will be reviewed internally by us. If successful, we will notify the centre manager within 14 working days.