Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題

Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題2023-07-05T02:34:05+00:00

On this page, you can find some frequently asked questions about exam registration, the exam day and post-exam matters. 在此頁面上,您可以找到有關考試註冊,考試日和考試後事項的一些常見問題。

1.Which level should I apply? 我應該報考哪個考試?

There are no age restrictions according to Cambridge Assessment English. Here are some recommendations 劍橋大學考試院並沒有訂任何年齡限制,以下是一些建議:

  • Pre A1 Starters to A2 Flyers: student in late kindergarten and primary schools 幼稚園高年級到小學
  • A2 Key for Schools to B1 Preliminary for Schools: students in late primary to junior secondary schools 小學高年級到中學低年級
  • B2 First for Schools: students in junior and senior secondary schools 中學低年級到中學高年級
  • C1 Advanced: students in senior secondary schools or above 中學高年級以上

You can also choose the exam according to your English proficiency. 您亦可根據你的英語水平選擇相應的考試。

  • B1 Preliminary (for Schools): equivalent to IELTS overall band score 4-5  相約雅思總分4-5分
  • B2 First (for Schools): equivalent to IELTS overall band score 5.5 to 6.5  相約雅思總分5.5-6.5分
  • C1 Advanced: equivalent to IELTS overall band score 6.5 to 8.5 相約雅思總分6.5-8.5分

2. What are the differences between the normal exams and ‘for Schools’ exams? 普通考試和’校園版考試’之間有什麼區別?

Some exams like the A2 Key have a for schools version, A2 Key for Schools. The level of difficulty and requirements are the same, but the content is more suitable for school aged learners rather than adults. 有些考試,例如A2 Key有校園版(A2 Key for Schools)。考試的難度和要求與普通考試相同,但內容會較適合學齡兒童而非成年人。

3. What are the exam formats? 考試是什麼型式的?

The exams assess candidates’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as vocabulary and grammar. For details of each exam, please refer to 考試評估考生的閱讀,寫作,聽力和口語技巧,以及詞彙和語法。有關每個考試的詳細信息,請參閱

4. The registration closing date has passed. Can I still register for the exam? 考試報名日期過後,我還可報名考試嗎?

For late registration, please contact us at +852 52812392 or If there is an extra seat available, you will be charged a late registration fee. 如需在截止後報名,請致電+852 52812392或發送電子郵件至infohk@gpexcentral.org與我們聯繫。如果有額外的名額,您將被收取延遲註冊費。

5. Can I change the exam date or cancel the registration after registration? 我可以在報名後更改考試日期或取消報名嗎?

You may cancel the registration but the exam fee is not refundable under any circumstances. Please note that cash refund is not applicable if you pay more than the net amount of the exam fee.  Only cash voucher which equals the excessive amount you paid will be refunded to you.

Starting from 10th July 2023, rescheduling is only acceptable with a fee of 25% of the paid exam fee either when a doctor’s certificate is presented or for compassionate reasons on the exam day. The rescheduling fee shall be paid within three working days after the exam.

由2023年7月10日開始, 考生必須提交於考試當日發出的醫生證明書或因近親白事,才能更改考試日期,並於考試後三個工作天內繳付已付考試費用的25%作改期費。

6. When will I receive the exam schedule after I registered and paid? 我在註冊和付款後,何時會收到考試時間表?

If there are enough candidates, the exam schedule listed on the Confirmation of Entry (CoE) will be sent to your email 7-10 working days before the exam. Please check the junk box to see if you have received it. If you do not receive the CoE 4 days before the exam, contact GPEX HK at +852 52812392 or 如果有足夠的候選人,準考證將在考試前7-10 個工作日內發送到您的電子郵箱。如果您沒有在考試前4天收到準考證,請檢查垃圾郵箱後致電+852 52812392或電郵到 聯絡我們。

7. What will happen if there are not enough candidates to run the exam? 如果沒有足夠的考生參加考試,會有什麼安排?

If the minimum of 10 candidates is not reached, GPEX HK staff will contact you to reschedule the exam. 如果未達到10名考生,GPEX HK工作人員將聯絡你重新安排考試。

8. What if my information on the CoE is wrong? 如果我在準考證上的資料有錯該怎麼辦?

If this happens, contact GPEX HK at +852 52812392 or 如果發生這種情況,請致電+852 52812392或電郵到 聯絡我們。

9. How long does it need before I take the same exam again? 我需要等待多長時間,才能再次參加相同的考試?

If you wish to take the same exam again, you need to wait for 28 more days. For example, if you take Pre-A1 Starters on 1/1/2021, you can only take it again no earlier than 29/1/2021. 如果您想再次參加相同的考試,則需要再等待28天。例如,如果您在1/1/2021參加Pre-A1 Starters,則只能在29/1/2021之後再次參加。

1. What must I bring on the exam day? 考試當天我必須帶什麼?

  1. A Printed copy of your CoE 已打印的準考證
  2. Identity document with photo (e.g. HKID/Passport). Student cards/handbooks are only acceptable when presented together with HKID/Passport. 有照片的身份證明文件正本,例如香港身份證或護照。學生卡或手冊只有在和身份證或護照一同出示才可以接受。
  3. Pencils and erasers 鉛筆和橡皮擦
  4. Coloured pencils (for Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers) 彩色鉛筆(適用於Pre A1 Starters,A1 Movers和A2 Flyers)
  5. Pens (for B2 First (for Schools) to C1 Advanced) 原子筆 (適用於B2 First (for Schools) 到C1 Advanced)

2. What can I bring into the exam room? 我可以帶什麼進考場?

  • The Confirmation of Entry (CoE) and identity document 準考證和身份證明文件
  • Stationery 文具
  • Tissue without any packaging and water in transparent bottle 沒有任何包裝的紙巾和透明瓶裝水

Other belongings including your mobile phones and any kind of watches will be kept in your bag and locked in a separate room. 其他物品,包括您的手機和任何類型手錶,將被保存在您的書包中並鎖定在一個單獨的房間內。

3. What if I forget to bring my identity document or if I am late? 如果我忘記攜帶身份證件或者我遲到了怎麼辦?

If you fail to present your identity document or arrive at the exam venue later than the registration period, you will not be admitted to the exam. 如果您在報到時間後到達或未能出示身份證明文件,您將不能考試。

4. Can I go to the toilet during the exam? 我可以在考試期間上廁所嗎?

If you need the toilet during the exam, please raise your hand and an invigilator will escort you to the toilet. You are not allowed to leave the exam room during the listening test as the invigilator cannot stop the CD. 如果您在考試期間需要上廁所,請舉手,監考人員將護送您上廁所。由於監考人員無法停止CD,因此您無法在聽力測試期間離開考場

5. Can I leave the exam early? 我可以提早離開考試嗎?

You can permanently leave the exam room after the first 30 minutes and before the last 10 minutes of the exam. Please raise your hand if you need to leave early. 您可以在考試開始30分鐘後和最後10分鐘前離開考場。如果你需要提前離開,請舉手。離開後,在考試結束前將不可再返回試場。

6. Can I eat or drink in the speaking exam waiting room? 我可以在口語考試等候室飲食嗎?

Only dry food such as biscuits and water are allowed in the waiting room. 等候室內只允許乾糧,如餅乾和水。

7. Can I use my phone in the speaking exam waiting room? 我可以在口語考試等候室裡使用我的手機嗎?

No, any electronic devices are not allowed. However, you can read books quietly. 考場內不允許使用任何電子設備。但是,你可以安靜地讀書。

8. There are some time between the speaking test and written tests. Can I leave the exam venue during this period? 口語考試和筆試之間有一段時間。在此期間我可以離開考試地點嗎?

This is not recommended If you have a very strong reason to leave, inform your invigilator and return 30 minutes before the exam. 我們不建議這樣做。如果您有充分的理由離開,請通知您的監考人員,並在下場考試前30分鐘返回。

1. What should I do encountered problems that may affect my results during the exam? 如我在考試期間遇到可能影響我的成績的問題,我應該怎麼做?

Should there be serious issues encountered during the exam, (noisy environment, problem with audio equipment, etc) candidate has to report to the invigilator during the exam. For other issues encountered other than exam environment and equipment, candidate must email to us within 3 working days from the exam date (有關試場環境/音響的重要問題,考生必須即日向監考員提出。如有其他考試問題,請於考試後3個工作天內以書面提出並電郵。逾期申請恕不受理。

2. When will I get my exam results? 什麼時候能拿到考試成績?

The YLE exam certificates will normally arrive at our centre 6-8 weeks after the exam. The Main Suite exam certificates will normally arrive at our centre 3 months after the exam. Our staff will contact you concerning the certificate collection. For Pre-A1 Starters – A2 Flyers, the result will be available online around 4-5 weeks after the exam and other exams will be available online around two months after the exam on You will need the ID Number and Secret Number given to you on the exam day. YLE考試證書通常會在考試後6-8周到達我們的中心。Main Suite 考試證書通常會在考試後3個月到達我們的中心。我們的工作人員將就證書收集與您聯繫。 Pre-A1 Starters 到 A2 Flyers考試的結果將在考試後4-5週左右在網上公佈。 其實考試結果將在考試後兩個月左右在網上公佈。( 。您將需要在考試當天提供給您的ID Number和Secret Number來查看結果。

**Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK, the online result services and certificate arrival date may delay for 2-3 weeks. There is no way of speeding up the result release, so please register the exam as soon as possible if you need the results for any purposes.


3. I am not satisfied with my results. What can I do? 如果我對結果不滿意,我能做什麼?

If you are not satisfied with your results in Cambridge YL Exams, you can apply for Result Re-check through our centre which costs HKD250.

If you are not satisfied with your results in Cambridge Main Suite Exams, you can apply for Result Enquires through our centre. You need to first apply for a full clerical re-check, which costs HKD250. If you are still not satisfied, you can apply for a re-mark of written papers. To request a re-mark of written papers, a candidate must have completed a full clerical re-check and received their results. Please contact us for more details.


如果您對劍橋Main Suite考試結果不滿意,可以通過我們的中心申請成績覆核,您需要先申請重新計分,費用為港幣$250。如果您仍不滿意,可以申請重改考卷 (口試除外),重新改卷需要先申請重新計分並在收到成績後才可申請重新改卷。請與我們聯繫了解更多。