Mentor2U is an initiative by GPEX, an award-winning Cambridge Assessment English Authorised Platinum Exam Centre, to elevate the standards of Malaysian’s English teachers (specifically for young learners’ teachers) by providing relevant and contemporary teaching modules for teachers.

If you are looking to further equip yourself with the necessary teaching skills and knowledge to engage your students and to deliver English lessons effectively, Mentor2U can help you achieve that.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

1)  What is Mentor2U?

  • Mentor2U is a programme that is made specifically for English teachers teaching young learners. The emphasis of Mentor2U is to develop teaching skills, knowledge and English proficiency amongst teachers.


2) What is the structure of Mentor2U programme?

  • Lecture style training.
  • 2-hour English proficiency development class, weekly. (either B1 or B2 level, depends on the placement test results)
  • 2-hour mentorship session, twice a month. (focusing on teaching skills, knowledge and strategies)


3) Why should I choose Mentor2U?

  • Mentor2U is designed to help teachers continuously improve themselves with experienced trainer at an affordable rate. If you are looking to improve your skills, knowledge and English proficiency in a sustainable way, Mentor2U is the perfect choice for you.


4) What will I learn on the Mentor2U course?

  • Improve English Proficiency.
  • Develop teaching skills and knowledge.
  • Obtain viable teaching strategies.
  • These are spanned across 2 years so that teachers have the time to apply what they have learned, in a sustainable way.


5) Who are this for?

  • Pre-school teachers
  • Primary school teachers (Public or private)


6) I am not teaching English, is Mentor2U suitable for me?

  • Yes.  At least 50% of our mentorship session focuses on strategies on how to engage young learners in the class and developing the relevant teaching skills. Even if you are not teaching the English language, you may benefit from the mentorship session.


7) How many hours do I need to study?

  • Approximately 20 hours a month.
  • Online classes, 12 hours and self-study, 8 hours.


8) How are the sessions for Mentor2U delivered?

  • We are delivering the sessions fully online. You may refer to question 2 for the frequency of the classes.
  • There will not be any Face-to-face sessions due to the number of teachers that will be joining the programme.


9) How big will the classes be?

  • The classes will generally be around 100-500.


10) How many lessons are there in Mentor2U?

  •  80 English Proficiency classes (over 2 years)
  •  48 mentorship sessions (over 2 years)


11)  Is the Mentor2U suitable for me if my English proficiency level is higher than B2 level?

  •  Yes, Mentor2U will still be suitable for you because you will be developing teaching skills and knowledge.
  •  You may opt not to join any of the English Proficiency classes if your English level is higher than B2.
1) What are the steps involved to register for Mentor2U.

  1. Register using our registration form, which you may find at the bottom of the page
  2. Complete the payment, which will be invoiced to you together with payment instructions.
  3. Receive Cambridge English Online Placement test token. Complete this to know your English level.
  4. Receive your enrolment for the classes and Cambridge University Press Touchstone materials, together with timetable for classes and orientation.
  5. Join orientation.
  6. Start your sessions with us.


 2) If I can only join halfway throughout the course, will that affect my classes?

  • If you are only able to join midway through the course, you are more than welcome to join and follow along the current class.
  • Just complete the current cycle of classes and catch up on the rest that you have missed out during the next cycle.


3) How will I know if I have been successfully accepted on the Mentor2U programme?

  • You will receive an email confirming your enrolment and you will receive the Cambridge English Online Placement Test tokens for you to complete.


 4) What are the entry requirements for Mentor2U programme?

  • There is no entry requirement for Mentor2U. However, we do hope that teachers are as committed as us to their own personal development.


5) How much is the Mentor2U programme?

  •  Subscription fee – RM199 for 2 years.
  • Registration fee – RM 10 per teacher (first-time only)
1) Is there a certificate?

  • There will be a Certificate of Completion upon the completion of all classes.


 2) Is there an exam?

  • There is no assessment as part of Mentor2U, however, teachers can opt to take external Cambridge Exams to prove your skills and masteries to the world.
  • Additional fee will be charged based on the type of exams teachers are planning to take.


 3) How much are the exams?

Here is a list of exams that teachers might consider taking upon completing the course.

  • Cambridge English Qualifications: B1 Preliminary (RM 355)
  • Cambridge English Qualifications: B2 First (RM 470)
  • Teaching Knowledge Test: Module 1 (RM 300)
  • Teaching Knowledge Test: Module 2 (RM 300)
  • Teaching Knowledge Test: Module 3 (RM 300)

*all exams listed are by Cambridge Assessments and teachers will obtain certificates by Cambridge upon completing the exams.

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