GPEX Hong Kong Proof of Payment Submission

GPEX Hong Kong Proof of Payment Submission2021-09-20T13:50:10+00:00

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Payment Methods:

You can pay by the means below. Please take a screenshot of the transaction and upload it in the exam registration form.

您可以通過以下方式付款。 請拍攝交易的屏幕截圖,並將其上傳到考試報名表中。

1. Alipay HK 


2. WeChat Pay (Mainland)*
微信錢包 (內地)* 

*1HKD to 1RMB

3. Bank-in 銀行轉帳

4. Credit Card 信用卡

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Banks Name 銀行名稱:
China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Ltd

Name of Account 帳戶名稱:
GPEX Central HK Limited

Account Number 帳號:

There is a transaction fee of 5% if you pay by credit card. 


Click here to pay by card.

Exam Fees

Exam Exam fees for exams from 1/1/2021
Pre A1 Starters HK$900
A1 Movers HK$900
A2 Flyers HK$900
A2 Key (for Schools) HK$1500
B1 Preliminary (for Schools) HK$1500
B2 First (for Schools) HK$2300
C1 Advanced HK$2300
TKT Module*1 HK$1350 per module
TKT Modules*4 HK$1150 per module
TKT Modules*5 HK$1000 per module

    Exam Level
    Pre A1 StartersA1 MoversA2 FlyersA2 Key (for Schools)B1 Preliminary (for Schools)B2 First (for Schools)C1 AdvancedTKT Module 1TKT Module 2TKT Module 3TKT: Young LearnersTKT: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

    Please upload your payment proof (screenshot/photo of the transaction or bank-in slip).

    You will receive a confirmation email. If not, please check the junk mail box before contacting us. Thank you.