Change of Exam Date/Level Request Form 更改考試日期/級別申請表

Change of Exam Date/Level Request Form 更改考試日期/級別申請表2021-09-20T13:50:03+00:00

    Please read the following before you proceed:

    If you wish to reschedule the exam day or exam level:

    (1). Rescheduling the exam day, please fill in the form 3 working days before the exam. 重新安排考試日期,請在考試前三個工作日內填寫此表格。
    (2). Rescheduling the exam level, please fill in the form before the registration closing day. 更改考試等級,請在考試截止日期前填寫此表格。

    A rescheduling is possible with an administrative fee of 25% of the paid exam fee (per rescheduling). 行政費為已付考試費用的25%(每次變更考試日期或考試等級)。

    I have read and understood the above conditions.

    For payment methods, please visit this webpage

    Declaration 聲明
    *To be declared by parent/guardian if the candidate is under 18 years of age. 若考生為18歲以下,由家長或監護人聲明。*

    By click the 'Submit' button, I declare that all information given in this registration form and the attached documents are, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete. I understand that the rescheduling is considered successful only when our staff contact you through Email within 3 working days after the rescheduling form has received.


    Thank You! A copy of this form will be emailed to you. Please check the junk/spam mail box if you do not receive it.