Cambridge English: Preliminary/ Preliminary for Schools

The English language exam that shows learners have mastered the basics

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Cambridge English: Preliminary is an intermediate level qualification for learners who need English for practical, everyday use. It is set at Level B1.

This exam is for learners who want to show they can:

  • Read simple textbooks and articles in English
  • Write letters and emails on everyday subjects

Preparing for the exam gives learners the skills to use written and spoken English to communicate in practical tasks and situations, showing awareness of opinions and mood.

Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools

  • the same level as Cambridge English: Preliminary
  • the same exam format as Cambridge English: Preliminary
  • leads to the same certificate as Cambridge English: Preliminary

But the exam content is aimed at school-age learners rather than adults.

   Key Facts:

Target CEFR level: B1
Suitable for: Candidates at minimum A2 level
Scale score 140-170
Test format: Computer or paper based
No. of papers: 3 papers:
Reading and Writing(90 mins)
Listening (25 mins)
Speaking (10–12 mins per pair of candidates)