Cambridge English: Key/ Key for Schools

The basic level qualification for learners new to English

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Cambridge English: Key is set at Level A2. It is a basic level qualification for everyday written and spoken English.

This exam is for learners who want to show they can:

  • communicate in simple situations using basic phrases and expressions
  • understand simple written English.

Preparing for the exam gives learners the skills to interact with English speakers at a basic level. It provides students with the skills and confidence to go on to study for higher level English exams.

Cambridge English: Key for Schools

  • the same level as Cambridge English: Key
  • the same exam format as Cambridge English: Key
  • leads to the same certificate as Cambridge English: Key.

But the exam content is aimed at school-age learners rather than adults.

   Key Facts:

Target CEFR level: Level A2
Suitable for: Candidates at minimum A1 level
Scale score 100-150
Test format: Computer or paper based
No. of papers: 3 papers:
Reading and Writing(70 mins)
Listening (30 mins)
Speaking (8–10 mins per pair of candidates)