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Please read the following before you proceed:


The personal data provided in this form will be used for examination and other related purposes by GPEX Central HK Limited (GPEX). It may be provided to other authorized organizations to process the information for the purpose of exam administration. Information on candidates will be destroyed after selection and definitely within 6 months after the examination cycle.


 I have read and understood the above policy. 我已閱讀並理解上述政策。

Session 1 - Candidate's Information
第1部分 - 考生信息

Candidate's Gender
 Male Female

Did the candidate attend any preparation courses?
 Yes No

Session 2 - Exam Session (Please refer to HERE)
第2部分 - 考試場次 (請參閱這個網頁)

Which exam do you want to register for?
 Cambridge English Qualifications Pre A1 Starters: $660 A1 Movers: $735 A2 Flyers: $800 A2 Key (for Schools): $1105 B1 Preliminary (for Schools): $1310 B2 First (for Schools): $1870 C1 Advanced: $2200 Cambridge English Teaching TKT Module 1: $1250 TKT Module 2: $1250 TKT Module 3: $1250 TKT: Young Learners: $1250 TKT: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): $1250 There will be a 40% off discount for TKT:YL and TKT:CLIL if you register for all modules 1-3

Exam Venue - Please type the venue code, e.g. BEA 考試場地-請輸入場地代碼,例如BEA

Exam Venue 考試場地

Session 3 - Special Arrangements
第3部分 - 特別安排

Does the candidate have any special needs due health conditions?
 Yes 有 No 沒有

Session 4 - Cambridge University Press Exam Preparation Materials
第4部分 - 劍橋大學出版社考試準備材料

Would you like to purchase official practice papers (student's book with CD with answers)?
你有興趣購買模擬試卷作備試用嗎 (模擬試卷連答案及CD)?
 No 沒有 Pre A1 Starters: $366 A1 Movers: $366 A2 Flyers: $366 A2 Key (for Schools): $304 B1 Preliminary (for Schools): $404 B2 First (for Schools): $431 C1 Advanced: $431 TKT Modules 1-3: $275 TKT: CLIL: $180

If you would like to buy the books above, please pay together with the exam fee. We will deliver the book to you via SF Express (pay upon arrival).

Session 5 - Payment
第5部分 - 付款

English version: Thank you for choosing GPEX Hong Kong to take your Cambridge English exam. Your application number is the last 6 digits of your mobile phone number . Please pay the exam fee within 3 working days, otherwise your application will be cancelled. For payment methods, please go to this webpage. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at +852 52812392 or

中文版本: 感謝您選擇GPEX Hong Kong 參加劍橋英語考試。您的申請編號是您手機號碼的最後6位數字。請在3個工作日內支付考試費用,否則您的申請將被取消。有關付款方式,請轉到這個網頁。如果您有任何疑問,請致電+852 52812392或發送電子郵件至infohk@gpexcentral.org與我們聯繫。

 I have read and understood the instructions about the payment and Confirmation of Entry. 我已閱讀並明白有關付款和準考證的說明。

Session 6 - Declaration
第6部分 - 聲明

*To be declared by parent/guardian if the candidate is under 18 years of age. 若考生為18歲以下,由家長或監護人聲明。*

By click the 'Submit' button, I declare that all information given in this registration form and the attached documents are, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete.I understand that all individuals who want to take Cambridge English exams are required to agree to all the terms and conditions set by Cambridge English and the exam centre.


Thank You! A copy of this form will be emailed to you. Please check the junk/spam mail box if you do not receive it.